Know Better, Do Better. 

At SSARwi, we know that 10,000 adoptable animals are euthanized EVERY DAY in US shelters. Sweet souls, who at no fault of their own, became strays who end up on a hard shelter floor waiting day after day to give their love to a family who can see past their scars and fears. 

Our mission is to save these souls. To find the right family for them to fit in with forever. We also have a mission to advocate for all the animals we have to leave behind in the shelters. To spread the knowledge of what is happening right here in US shelters. We BELIEVE we can solve this devastating reality. Because we believe when people know better, they will do better. 

We are a foster home based rescue. Our dogs are placed from high kill shelters into homes and then adopted out to the right families. There are many benefits of adopting from foster home based rescues. Often, you can learn more about a dog that is already in a home, so you know what you are getting.